What women are saying

“I have always had a problem with self esteem. I have always tried to hide in plain sight. I decided to get these portraits done hoping to boost my self image.
The result was way more than I could ever have imagined!!! It was so much more than just coming to terms with my physical appearance… It was an epiphany!
The whole process made me feel Free! Powerful! Sexy! Confident! …and *Beautiful!!

They say a butterfly can’t see it’s own wings.
…thank you for showing me mine!!♥” -A

“I thought doing this boudoir shoot was going to be a lovely present for my husband. I have been wanting to do one for him for years, but always “when I was thinner, more toned.” When Sarah made the announcement that she was doing boudoir, I thought “this is a woman who can make me feel comfortable and beautiful now, as I am.” What I didn’t realize was how Sarah and her process should make me feel. I am the heaviest I have ever been (pregnancies excluded) and I have never felt more beautiful, more confident, or more empowered than after working with Sarah. I thought that this would be about a result, a gift that I knew my husband would adore. It was so much more. It was a healing process, a way to learn to love my body, and myself. My pictures are gorgeous and I love them. But more importantly, I can truly say I love me.” -K

“This has honestly affected me in a way I never expected. I figured I’d be nervous, probably have some fun and get a few hopefully great pictures. Today… getting those pictures… it changed how I carried myself. I wanted to show these pictures to strangers. I want to show them to my mom, lol. These made me feel so strong and sure of myself. The natural beauty and graceful and sacredness I felt with Sarah carried with me through the day. It changed the way I held my body, my walk, the way I made eye contact.I feel so sacred. I feel so beautiful and sexy. I feel so raw and natural. I feel powerful and empowered…. I feel like a Goddess.” -C

“This experience was so much NOT what I expected-and I am so grateful. I was so nervous and sure I’d be tense, and awkward, and counting down the moments until it was over. While my plan was to do this specifically to force me to work on my self-esteem, figuring that my boyfriend would love the album as a gift and I would not “have” to see the pics, I’m finding myself feeling quite the opposite. Sarah made the whole experience so relaxing and empowering, and I couldn’t believe it when she said the time was up! It passed so quickly. I walked out of the studio dying to see—AND SHARE—the pictures we took. With her encouraging comments, and the completely relaxed pace set by me, I couldn’t have asked for anything more, and I find myself feeling excited with ideas about the next one!!” -K

“It took me by surprise how I felt about the photos at first- I saw my flaws and cried-but after I looked at them, really looked at them and felt the power radiating from them, from me, they became beautiful, I became beautiful, and that changed me. I am learning to not look at the flaws and instead focus on the strength, then there can be no flaws. Thank you.” -T

“Sarah has a wonderfully calm presence and gives quiet, gently directions that allowed me to relax and enjoy the shoot. I was nervous going in but both Sarah and her assistant were so positive and encouraging that it was easy to let go of my nervous energy. I enjoyed being really present in my body, getting creative with poses and feeling at home in my body. I found myself standing up straighter afterwards, proud of my body in a new way.” -E

“Words honestly can’t describe how one amazing session can change your view of yourself! I felt beautiful after only a few shots, it didn’t matter what size I was, I AM BEAUTIFUL and that is the most empowering feeling! Now everyday I have these amazing photos to look at and whenever I doubt myself it just takes one look at a picture to bring back that empowering and beautiful feeling!”-K

“I cannot say enough about my whole experience with Sarah Chase Boudoir. From the day I emailed to inquire about an appointment, the days leading up to my photo shoot, the entire photo shoot, and even afterwards, Sarah consistently communicated with me to make sure every question I had about the experience was answered and I knew what to expect. The photo shoot itself was inspiring, fun, professional, and empowering. I didn’t want the session to end! Afterward, I was on cloud nine and carried myself a little taller and prouder. I definitely plan on going back to Sarah, and I recommend her to absolutely everyone. It’s one of the best things you can do to celebrate yourself and the beauty of your body.” -A

“I think initially most people would be nervous and apprehensive but have a secret desire to do this.. that was totally us. I actually Messaged Sarah the day before very nervous about how this would all happen and worried my husband wouldn’t connect in front of the camera. She reassured me that although she would guide us, most of the session would be her catching our Spark. She was right. With gentle guidance, our session was essentially a romantic walk through the woods kissing and touching. We laughed, we snuggled, we kissed some more. It was easy, sensual, and so refreshing. It was a glimpse of the passion we had before children, bills and responsibilities. It was a raw, effortless experience. The pictures captured were real. They weren’t raunchy, they didn’t look forced, it was us. The connection after the experience? Like no other. In our 12 years together this was one of my favorite things we’ve done together, and the pictures have savored this forever. Sarah is a humble, personable, artistic genius. ” -K&N