Q: How long are sessions? – Concord NH Boudoir

One question that’s been asked a few times is about the length of sessions. This question isn’t really answered simply, so I thought I’d answer today in the blog.

There’s a reason I only take one boudoir client per given day, and that’s to focus on just you, not the clock!


First, you’ll be pampered with hair and makeup services. This portion of your big day takes about an hour. We’ll chat during this time, so you can relax and get to know me a bit better.


Next, we’ll walk around the shooting room and I’ll take you through what we’ll do in each area. This generally takes a few minutes. Then it’s on to photographing! We’ll pose and snap together for an average of 1-2 hours before wrapping.


So the short answer is, it takes as long as it takes! Generally, we won’t go over 2 hours, but there are exceptions to that rule.

xo SC

PS: Do you have any other questions for me? CONTACT me and let me know!

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