Boudoir for Mothers – Concord NH Boudoir Photographer

Motherhood changes you.

Most of which for the best, of course. Still, we tend to forget about our needs, forget about self care, and forget about how sensual we can be once the kids are in bed.

Who’s with me?

Boudoir for mothers is a great way to remind ourselves that we’re still sexy. We can still light that spark and be someone other than mom. The prints are a wonderful reminder, too, on those long days where we reach for a glass of red wine at 8pm. Yeah, girl, you’ve still got it.

Tired? Your body has changed? You’re not sure if you deserve it?

Thats exactly why you should do this.

Here are a few reactions from mothers I have worked with:

“I thought doing this boudoir shoot was going to be a lovely present for my husband. I have been wanting to do one for him for years, but always “when I was thinner, more toned.” When Sarah made the announcement that she was doing boudoir, I thought “this is a woman who can make me feel comfortable and beautiful now, as I am.” What I didn’t realize was how Sarah and her process should make me feel. I am the heaviest I have ever been (pregnancies excluded) and I have never felt more beautiful, more confident, or more empowered than after working with Sarah. I thought that this would be about a result, a gift that I knew my husband would adore. It was so much more. It was a healing process, a way to learn to love my body, and myself. My pictures are gorgeous and I love them. But more importantly, I can truly say I love me.” -K

“It changed the way I held my body, my walk, the way I made eye contact.I feel so sacred. I feel so beautiful and sexy. I feel so raw and natural. I feel powerful and empowered…. I feel like a Goddess.” -C

“Words honestly can’t describe how one amazing session can change your view of yourself! I felt beautiful after only a few shots, it didn’t matter what size I was, I AM BEAUTIFUL and that is the most empowering feeling! Now everyday I have these amazing photos to look at and whenever I doubt myself it just takes one look at a picture to bring back that empowering and beautiful feeling!”-K

Are you ready to celebrate yourself again as a woman?


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