Why Bridal Boudoir makes for a memorable wedding night present – Concord NH Boudoir Photographer

Congratulations on your engagement!

You’re about to start the next chapter in the rest of your lives, together. As you embark on this new journey, the planning for the big milestone day begins. There’s the venue, the dress, the food- the list just goes on forever, right?

But what happens afterwards? The guests leave, as do the venders. You and your new spouse retire to the suite together, tired yet invigorated. The romance of the day is unlike anything else you’ll experience together. Does it end there? Well, for some. But for others, the night is just beginning.


Imagine, after removing your dress you hand them a surprise box. Inside, are sultry photographs of you, taken before your wedding day. Their eyes widen and they look through the images with excitement, before you share the night together.

Now imagine, it’s your 40th wedding anniversary. You’re feeling nostalgic as you look back at your lives together to this point. So many beautiful memories have come and gone. But there it is again- that gorgeous black box. You look through it together, remembering not only your wedding day, but the spark of passion you have had for one another since the very beginning.

Planning your wedding? Contact me to book your bridal boudoir session. The best time to do it is at least a month before your wedding night.


Congratulations, and many blessings on this journey of love!

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