New Year – Celebrate You – Concord NH Photographer

HAPPY 2017!

With intentions set, and a deep breath, we’re entering the new year. There are always hopes for improvement, changes, and actually getting to the gym. But I want to propose something different.

How about, promising to celebrate yourself this year. A promise to yourself that you will have a focus on self care and self love, and celebrate who you are as a person.


Are you witty, funny, stylish? Are you gorgeous (of course you are!)? Celebrate it. Don’t be afraid to love yourself during every step of your journey.

There seems to be this stigma with self love, as if confidence and love means one is selfish and arrogant instead of confident in who they are. One can be gracious and confident, modest and filled with self love. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. If someone judges you for loving who you are, it may be time to re-evaluate that relationship.

Just in case, there’s no harm in repeating: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving who you are and being confident.

Small steps can be made towards this goal, if it’s something you’re struggling with. Too many women go through their lives being hard on themselves. My whole reason for starting this boudoir journey has been to help empower women by showing them how amazing, beautiful, and strong they are. 

What’s one thing you can do today to show yourself some love? Leave a comment below.

xo SC

ps: CONTACT ME to schedule your empowering boudoir session for 2017.

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