How 2016 changed my business, and my life.

2016 brought a big change to my life and business, and I’m grateful for this new direction.

After years of only working with families and children with my photography, I was approached more than once to try boudoir. I never imagined that saying yes would propel me into this new mission and journey in my business.


Friends experienced it first, and then I started to work with clients I had never met before. But the reactions were the same. They had so much joy, some cried, and they transformed into confident women before my eyes. I was facilitating empowerment. I was facilitating self love. My passion for photography shifted into  something that goes beyond the portrait. This is helping women love who they are, right now, by showing them their unique, authentic beauty in a new way.

It helped ease my own self doubt, too. I learned through these experiences that I have a gift that is helping other women. My confidence in my abilities grew. My excitement for my business grew. I had an entirely new outlook on what I’m here to do, and it continues to energize me. I was even able to take self boudoir portraits and experience the empowerment for myself:


After a few months, I was able to put my self doubt aside and say “yes” to the perfect photography studio. I said yes to a gorgeous space. I said yes to my dreams. I said yes to increasing the already amazing experience for my clients.


This has helped me to say yes to other things, too. If I am able to do so much for women with my camera, and able to open a studio, what else was I keeping myself from? Travel? Yes. Family dinners? Yes. And so on.

I am so grateful for the push in this new direction.

In 2017, I want to continue this mission and empower 75 women through my boudoir services.


It’s a big number, but I’m not in fear of it anymore. I welcome the challenge of finding 75 women to come into my studio and go through the experience from start to finish. I’m excited to help conceptualize 75 unique sessions, photograph 75 uniquely beautiful women, and watch 75 reactions to incredible prints.

Bring it on, 2017. I’m ready now.


PS: Want to be one of the 75? Contact me to schedule your 2017 boudoir experience

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