Exist in Photographs – Concord NH Photographer

What I thought was mainly a photographer’s problem is actually a more common problem. We photograph our children, our spouses, and our adventures, but how of then do we take real photographs of ourselves? How often are you in the picture with your kids, or your spouse, or at the beach? I’m not just talking about cell phone selfies, which are cute too, but real, archival photographs?

I noticed while making a personal family album a while back, that I wasn’t in any pictures from my son’s birthday. If you didn’t know I was the photographer of the day, one might think I wasn’t there. Of course I was, but when these albums get passed down to the next generation and the next, my image and memory won’t be there.

Professional, printed photographs will outlive you. It’s pretty amazing when you think of it. Those images you have of your grand parents, or your great grand parents will still be there when they are gone, as will your family albums. Those photographs will be passed on, and the image of that person will live on.

I want to remind you today to exist in photographs.


Set a timer on your camera, offer to trade with a friend, or ask a stranger to take pictures of you with your spouse, your kids, or even of just you. Treasure these images, as one day they will be all your loved ones have left of you, just as you hold onto the photographs of family members who are gone.

I am announcing today, also, that I will be taking limited portrait sessions with women that aren’t boudoir focused. These sessions will still include hair and makeup and style advice, but the goal is to have a beautiful set of portraits to treasure, admire, and pass down later on in life. These glamorous sessions will still take place at my studio in Concord, NH. To design your session and check in about availability, contact me.

xo SC


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