Girls Day Out – Bachelorette – Concord NH Boudoir

Are you looking for a unique Girl’s Day?
How about a special Bachelorette party idea?

Have you ever considered a group boudoir session?



Well, here’s what would happen during such a session, and why it would be an incredibly fun girls day!

  • You’ll all be pampered with hair and makeup services. That’s fun on it’s own! Plus, you’ll already be dolled up for a fun night out following the photoshoot!
  • You can do a few fun group shots. What’s a better way to preserve your friendship than with photography? You’ll have a few photographs all together, either in lingerie or in robes.
  • Individual portraits will follow the group shots. A boudoir session is incredible and empowering on it’s own, but imagine having your best girl friends there to support you, whistle, and sip champagne with you!
  • Bachelorette parties include a brief lesson and pose coaching from a Burlesque dancer and instructor! Learn how to move in a sultry, seductive way with not one, but two experts in the room. You’ll get to take these moves home with you, too!
  • You’ll come back to the studio together to view the final images. Another girls day? Score! You’ll look through the gallery together, and be there to compliment each other.


So the question really isn’t why, it’s why not?

xo SC

CONTACT ME to schedule your boudoir party!

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