Mood Music – Concord NH Boudoir Photographer

One thing that can help set the tone for a boudoir session is music. It’s incredible to watch how songs and genres can affect the woman I’m photographing, in the best of ways! I tend to use Pandora to give a mix of artists in a given genre. Sometimes we stick with one channel, sometimes we shake things up!

We all have several things that make up our personality and taste. Rarely do we fit into one specific box. When K walked in, I knew I wanted to capture two sides of her. Much like myself, she had a feminine, fashionista side and a rock-and-roll side. I like to call it Rocker Chic. With music to set the mood, I captured both sides to this gorgeous woman.

Here’s a visual example

Shakira Channel 

Hip swaying, regal, feminine.


Joan Jett Channel

Rock out, dancing, singing along


It was incredible to watch the change in pose, mood, and looks with a simple change in music!


Which mood is your favorite?

xo SC


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