Date Night Spotlight – A Couples Session

Let’s talk about how a couples boudoir session can really set fire to that spark, and preserve the connection the two of you have!


Couples sessions are a bit different than the individual ones. When a woman comes into the studio, we are focused on celebrating her and creating an environment for feeling sultry, gorgeous, and confident. For couples, we focus on the connection.

Women are sometimes worried that their partners aren’t really into having their pictures taken. I get it. As someone who has worked with couples in other light and young men for senior portraits, I’ve seen it first hand. Even my dad isn’t as into having his picture taken as a family, or with my mom while on vacation. I’ve seen the hesitation first hand, time and time again.

What’s great about boudoir for couples is that the two of you are soaking each other up, while I sit back and document with gentle direction. After a while, the guys tend to loosen up.

What to Expect

Sessions now include hair and makeup for the woman. Once you’re feeling pampered, we begin the session! Weather permitting, we will start outside fully clothed, as if the two of you are on a date.



This gives you a chance to connect, and warm up to the camera before we move indoors. What happens next is at your pace. Rule #1 is that bottoms stay on, but you can remove layers. *Note: Yes, one of these couples stayed outdoors for their entire session.




“I think initially most people would be nervous and apprehensive but have a secret desire to do this.. that was totally us. I actually Messaged Sarah the day before very nervous about how this would all happen and worried my husband wouldn’t connect in front of the camera. She reassured me that although she would guide us, most of the session would be her catching our Spark. She was right. With gentle guidance, our session was essentially a romantic walk through the woods kissing and touching. We laughed, we snuggled, we kissed some more. It was easy, sensual, and so refreshing. It was a glimpse of the passion we had before children, bills and responsibilities. It was a raw, effortless experience. The pictures captured were real. They weren’t raunchy, they didn’t look forced, it was us. The connection after the experience? Like no other. In our 12 years together this was one of my favorite things we’ve done together, and the pictures have savored this forever. Sarah is a humble, personable, artistic genius. ” -K&N

Make a day of it, and go out after your session. Grab some coffee, some food, or see a show. You’ll already be pampered and dressed up, with that loving connection ignited. Once your images are ready, you’ll both come back to the studio to see them printed and matted, and take home the ones you love. These images are archival, and will preserve that loving spark.


PS: These sessions make a great holiday, anniversary, or pre-wedding gift. Purchase a gift certificate, or schedule your session before the big day! Contact me for more information and availability. 

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