Reclaiming your self as a woman, not just a mom.

Mom, mom, mom…

MOM! Mom, look- mom, watch. Mom, can you help with this?

As mothers, we’re there. We’re helpers, cooks, nurses, counselors, playmates, maids, teachers… It’s beautiful, being a mother. It really is. But, it’s easy to get so lost in motherhood that we forget who we were before, or who we could be when our littles eventually leave the nest.

When our children are young, it’s hard to make time for our marriages as well. We’re so tired by the end of the day that we just want to sit on the couch.  It can be hard to feel sexy, too, when you’re washing spit up out of your hair or cleaning up from potty training, or you haven’t showered in two days. Maybe intimacy slips for months, or years, and creates a disconnect.

Maybe, you’ve forgotten how strong you are.

How beautiful you are.

How incredible you are.


It’s time to reclaim who you are as a woman.

It’s time to remember who you are, and to make time for yourself.

It’s time to fill up your cup.

If you’ve resonated with any of this, I encourage you to take some time tonight to reflect. Take out a journal, or meditate, or pull a few cards if you choose. Reflect on what makes you YOU, apart from your role as a mother. What do you love about yourself, about your body? What talents and passions do you have? Reflect, dig deep.

Boudoir can play a big role in bringing back that spark, that empowerment, and that belief in one’s self. Being pampered with hair and makeup prior to your session, followed by being guided through sultry poses and feeling your body in a different way, followed by seeing your beauty in archival prints- it can fill up your cup and then some. It will be there for you as a permanent reminder. It can fire you up. It can entice your spouse.

“I enjoyed being really present in my body, getting creative with poses and feeling at home in my body. I found myself standing up straighter afterwards, proud of my body in a new way.”

“The natural beauty and graceful and sacredness I felt with Sarah carried with me through the day. It changed the way I held my body, my walk, the way I made eye contact.I feel so sacred. I feel so beautiful and sexy. I feel so raw and natural. I feel powerful and empowered…. I feel like a Goddess.”

“Now everyday I have these amazing photos to look at and whenever I doubt myself it just takes one look at a picture to bring back that empowering and beautiful feeling!”

read more testimonials

All of the quotes above, and the majority of the testimonials on that page are from mothers. Women who went through body changes, energy changes, life changes. They all came in with concerns and nerves, but left feeling beautiful and empowered.

Love yourself, and the rest will follow.

xo SC

CONTACT ME to book your session, and reclaim your self.


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