Date Night Spotlight – Dinner

It’s Wednesday, which means more date night ideas! Have you two started going out more, or making a date night in more special? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below. This week, let’s talk about a classic date night: Dinner


First, I want you to write down every chain restaurant you usually go to. Applebees, TGI Friday, etc.  Now, cross them out. You’ve been there, and done that, probably since high school.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but trying new things and experiencing new locations together can feel more adventurous, thus adding more power to that spark I keep mentioning. It’s time to try out some new, local venues! 

  • Willows – Plant based bias aside, Willows on South Main St in Concord is a fantastic restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff. And the food- oh the food. Their lasagna had me questioning if it was really plant based! (It was that close). If you’re new to the idea of leaving meat and dairy aside for a meal, I recommend this even more. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I bet, at how delicious the food can be. This is a locally owned restaurant, and they buy as many local ingredients as they can.
  • CC tomatoes – Pizza, Italian food, and local – check, check, check! If you’re looking for some classic Italian food near Concord, this is the place to go!
  • The Common Man –  They have locations all over the state, one of which is right in Concord! Their food is delicious, and the atmosphere is always lovely. I’m not calling this a chain, because they’re not corporate owned. They are a New England owned restaurant group, and each space has it’s own personality. If you haven’t tried them yet, I recommend it

For more ideas, check out this list of the best rated restaurants in Concord, NH!


Going out to dinner is one of the most common, classic date nights. But, there are a couple of things to quickly mention before you go. Think of it as a date night challenge.

  1. Put that phone away – Leave it on vibrate in your purse for emergencies, but do not flip through social media while you wait for your food. Instead, hold hands with your partner and connect. Be present!
  2. Don’t discuss the kids – get this out of the way in the car. Catch up on what they’re doing, how soccer is going, and what project is due at school before you go on your date. If you feel a little disconnected at dinner (hey, it happens) don’t default to talking about the kids. This is adult time! Stuck on what to talk about?
    • Ask each other questions about your day- specific, open ended questions.
    • Take a trip down memory lane together. Remember your first date?
    • Discuss something interesting that was in the news.
    • Tell them something you want to do in the future, and talk about it.
    • Discuss the food once you try it!


Have a great night out!


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