Date Night Spotlight – Date Night IN

Getting out of the house and experiencing something together makes for a fantastic way to keep the spark alive, but what happens when you have small children and finding a sitter is hard? Before you give up, call all of your friends and family and ask them or for recommendations. There’s something so special about being away from daily life that brings you closer.

But as a last resort, plan for a special date night in, after the kids go to sleep. We’ve been there for sure! Here are some of the things we’ve done at home that go beyond “Netflix and chill” (which I mean literally.) to bring back that spark and stay connected when it was hard to get out of the house for a date.



Unplugged – Put that cell phone away and focus on your partner, and being in the moment. You can even design a cute box to put phones in until the date is done, as a promise to each other to stay in the moment. Wine optional!

  • Wine and dessert – this one is pretty self explanatory. Pop open your favorite bottle of wine and eat a delicious dessert together.
  • Couples Yoga – doing yoga together can be really connecting. If you are new to yoga but still want to give it a try, check out some youtube tutorials together.
  • Paint Night – We did this not too long ago and had a great time! The idea was to mimic those group paint parties that you see around town, minus the group and the teacher. We bought canvases at Michaels craft store, and painted pictures together. Not the crafty type? Head to youtube again for some paint tutorials.
  • Game Night – Grab a board game and play together. It can be anything you both enjoy, or a new game you’re trying together. Grab one while you’re running errands at Target!
  • Chat, and dream – When was the last time you really sat down and talked about what you want in life? Your dreams, goals, and aspirations? A date night in is the perfect time to snuggle up and design the future together.


Plugged – Ok, for these we’ll use electronics, but *still* keep those devices away and be present with your partner. xo

  • Redbox or Netflix a movie – old school and fun. Pop some popcorn, make some nachos, and enjoy the show! Add to it with a discussion afterwards. What were your favorite parts? What do you think about _____? My favorite character is ______ because _______. (etc)
  • Start a show series together – We do this often! Once, GOT, Reign, the 100…. It’s nice to watch an episode (or 5) together and talk about what you think is going to happen next, your shock about certain plots, and more. Whenever we find a new series to watch together, we look forward to it daily until the show is done.
  • Play a game – find a 2 player game for your system that you’re both interested in, and work as a team to get through it. Teamwork is essential for relationships, and sometimes a simple video game you play together can remind you of how great of a team you are! Now, if one of you is not a gamer but the other one is, this is a way to share in each other’s interests. If you’re not the type don’t fear it- it’s usually as easy as a few buttons here and there.



Pick one of these per week, and you’ll have enough date night in’s for two months! What do you think of the list? Comment below with one idea that you’re excited to try.


6 thoughts on “Date Night Spotlight – Date Night IN

  1. Natalie Fuschi

    Great ideas!! I’d never thought of yoga or painting together before…I’ll have to see if he’s up for one of those! We have been through The Office and Parks and Rec. We are currently watching Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy. I love “our” shows!


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