Sultry Yoga – NH Boudoir and Yoga

Not too long ago, this yogi approached me about combining our talents for a Sultry Yoga event. I am so excited for this team effort- coming early 2017- and thrilled to have photographed her as she showed me some of the pose flow for the event.


Can yoga be sultry? Absolutely.



Especially with minor adjustments to movement, to really help the yogi feel more sensual.


With the right mindset, yoga can be a confidence building, emotional, and sultry experience.


My Email List and our Facebook group will be the first to hear of any details and set dates for this event. Any questions? Contact me! 

-Sarah Chase

PS: Brittany and I have opened a new Facebook community. Does this sound like something you’d love?: 

This group is a place to:

* Uncover the history of the Divine Feminine
* Debunk pervasive patriarchal philosophy
* Discover and celebrate our inner Divinity
* Celebrate our bodies, minds, and spirits
* Share stories of our success, unabashedly and without shame
* Learn ways to fan the feminine flame through yoga and sensuality

CLICK HERE to join!


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