Date Night Spotlight – See a Show – Concord NH

Date nights are a great way to keep the spark alive and connection deep between couples.

Last week I posted a pre-date checklist, with ways to pamper and prepare, and local places to shop for your big night.

Now that you’re ready to go, where are you off to? Today’s idea: See a show.

We’ve all had dinner and a movie, which is still a great night out, but what about a live, local show? A play, or a comedy show, or burlesque, etc. Local is key, because we can’t always go to Boston or Bradway in NYC. (Although I recommend it when you can!)


Upcoming: Singing with Swing, Indigo Girls, The Scarlet Letter, Rent, and more!

“Created and sustained by the people of New Hampshire, the Capitol Center for the Arts shall inspire, educate and entertain audiences by providing both the finest venue for the performing arts and a wide range of professionally excellent and artistically significant presentations. It shall also serve as a resource and gathering place for the community at large.”

  • Hatbox Theatre is where I saw the burlesque troupe perform before working with them. They don’t have another show until spring, but the theatre has other events happening! Located in the Steeplegate mall, this theatre is another great, local venue for a date night.

Upcoming: Frankenstein, Tales Told, Discovering Magic, Candid Candidate, and more!


I hope you and your partner are able to enjoy date night’s more often. But, what happens when you can’t find a sitter, or your sitter bails? Next week I’ll talk about what we do for our date-night-in.


PS: Have you been to either theatre? What did you see? Leave a comment below.

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