Date Night Spotlight – Pre-Date Checklist – Concord NH

Date nights are an important part of keeping a relationship happy and healthy, especially for parents. Connecting with each other outside of the home, away from responsibility, in a nice conversation or while having fun can help keep that spark alive.

Prepping for your date with some pampering can help set the mood before the night even begins. That’s why, my first post in this series is all about the pre-date prep. If you’re missing any of these pieces, I’ll also include places to find them right here in Concord, NH.


Pre-Date Checklist

  • Exfoliate and wash with a pretty-smelling soap. This one seems obvious, but using special products that make you feel pampered and sexy can help set the mood.


  • Moisturize. Follow up with an equally nicely smelling cream to make your skin feel soft. Looking for new products for the above? Try one of my new favorite stops: Bona Fide Green Goods.


  • Hair and Makeup. What’s your every day look? Why not take the time to try something new? Believe me, I know, life can get in the way. It’s hard sometimes to find the time for hair and makeup. A date night is the perfect excuse to take an extra hour on self care. If you’re looking for something extra special, make an appointment at Salon K in Concord for hair styling and makeup application! Taylor applied my makeup for my last big night out, and I felt so glamorous all night.


  • The Dress. A little black dress, or something with sparkle. Which do you prefer? If you’re looking for a new outfit check out Lilise or Burlington Coat Factory on Storrs st.


  • Under and After. Lingerie! Just a tip- go for something you wouldn’t necessarily wear otherwise. Some lace, maybe something more complex. You’ll feel sultry knowing what’s under your dress, and know whats coming after. You know- that spark. *wink. If you’re looking for something new, head to Zoe&Co and Thorne’s on N Main Street in Concord.


You’re ready to go! But here’s the big question: Where are you going? Over the next few weeks I’ll be spotlighting some great choices for local date nights. To stay in the loop, hop on to my e-mail list HERE.


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