When was the last time you felt Sexy?


adj – sexually attractive or exciting.
synonyms – seductive, desirable, alluring, toothsome, sensual, sultry

When was the last time you felt sexy? I mean, really sexy. That feeling that puts a bounce in your step and makes your confidence shine from within. Was it when you wore that new dress, got your hair done, or finished a yoga or burlesque class? After a date night, or during a portrait session? Was the feeling fleeting, or did it stay with you?

Let’s be honest, some days we feel stellar and others we rock a messy bun and yoga pants- outside of our asanas. But does sexy have to mean high heels, makeup, and a corset? Or can it be found in the everyday?


Those who have worked with me will have that little reminder of their sultry side. On days where they feel less than incredible, they can look back at their session and remember just how beautiful they are. Women often start a session feeling nervous, but leave feeling confident and gorgeous.

“Afterward, I was on cloud nine and carried myself a little taller and prouder. I definitely plan on going back to Sarah, and I recommend her to absolutely everyone. It’s one of the best things you can do to celebrate yourself and the beauty of your body.” -A

“Words honestly can’t describe how one amazing session can change your view of yourself! I felt beautiful after only a few shots, it didn’t matter what size I was, I AM BEAUTIFUL and that is the most empowering feeling! Now everyday I have these amazing photos to look at and whenever I doubt myself it just takes one look at a picture to bring back that empowering and beautiful feeling!”-K

“I found myself standing up straighter afterwards, proud of my body in a new way.” -E

read more client experiences HERE ~

If feeling sexy is something you struggle with, I have a little homework for you. Read through the links here in this post, and put a little sticky note on your mirror that reads “I am sexy, and beautiful, always.”

You deserve to feel beautiful. xo

PS: Have you grabbed your sultry style guide? CLICK HERE to sign up and download! 


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