When Burlesque meets Boudoir – Concord NH

What do you get when you mix a  Burlesque troupe with a Boudoir photographer? Well, a really fun, unique session!


When I saw them perform live in Concord, NH, I was inspired. I thought of so many new ways to pose clients, and how to help them move through each pose. The show was a fantastic date night with my husband, too! If you haven’t seen a Burlesque show yet, I highly recommend it. Either with your partner, or with your girls!


Burlesque is described as the “art of the tease.” So much of what they represent is what I strive to show in my work and with my clients, so you can imagine my excitement when it came time for us to work together!


With group shots and individual images, each member of the troupe had the opportunity to shine and let their personality be captured. (Click through the gallery below to see what I mean!)

The troupe brought a fun and energized energy to the studio with them, which created loads of laughs and fun memories. It brought up an idea, too- in what other ways can groups be incorporated in boudoir? Well, the troupe coordinator and I are in the works of designing a girls night out, bringing burlesque and boudoir together for other women! This would make for a fantastic bachelorette party for that engaged girlfriend of yours (just sayin’. *wink)

xo SC

PS: Have you ever seen a burlesque show, or wanted to? Leave a comment below!

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