The story behind Sarah Chase Boudoir – Concord, NH

“She believed she could, so she did”

Those who know me, and even those who have just met me, often ask:

“How did you get started in boudoir? How did you get started with your new studio?”

Some of you know that this wasn’t my first niche. I started working with mostly families and children, with a couple of other photography types here and there. So how did I go from that over the past three years, to mainly boudoir? I joke that I tripped and fell into it, when really I feel it was a universal push into a new direction, for a purpose.

It all started with a community of women on Facebook. They had been talking about body positivity and boudoir sessions, and I was asked if I would be interested in photographing them in that way. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant at first, but being asked again and again made me really think about it.  One day I said, “why not, but this is my vision for it, and it’s a little different than the average boudoir photography.” As it turned out, many agreed with my vision, and plans were made for the very first sessions. What happened next changed my business, my purpose, and my mission.

“I feel like a goddess”

“I have never felt this beautiful”

“I feel so confident, so empowered”

These words, most often said with tears of joy and lots of hugs, are what set me on this path. These sessions went far beyond a beautiful picture. They really meant something, and they were improving the lives of the women I worked with. That, to me, was so powerful. It was this feedback and overwhelming honor that set me on the path of making boudoir my main niche and service. I started by renting space from another business, and worked with woman after woman who felt so incredible after seeing themselves in a new way.

So, how did I transition into a studio?

To be completely honest, I had set a goal of having my own studio in my 5 year plan. I didn’t think I was ready or capable to have one now. Why? I’m not sure exactly. It just felt out of reach. I kept looking at this one beautiful space online, and started a vision board for something like that. Eventually, I thought, I would have a space like that. I would decorate it in a certain way, and I would be so proud and honored to have clients come to me in that space. One day, I watched an inspiring talk given by another photographer (shout out to Sue Bryce) which brought me to tears. Full on, eyes open, ah-hah moment tears. What I realized was it really boiled down to being in my own way, and blocking myself from fully following my dreams. I was ready. I could do it.

So, I did.

The next day, yes- the very next day after the talk by SB, I called the property owner of the space I had been looking at and made an appointment to see it. That. Day. I walked into the space with my husband, and I immediately wanted to say yes. I didn’t though, for fear of being impulsive. I thanked him, and told him I was going to think about it and crunch some numbers. However, I couldn’t let the space go.  Once I decided it was time, things moved very quickly! That night, I said yes, picked up my keys later that week, and went to work with painting and decorating the space, then let people in as soon as the paint was dry and aired out.

studio1The whole experience has been a bit surreal, in the best of ways. I am in a space of amazing gratitude, pride, and honor. I look forward to using my space to continue my mission of helping women find empowerment, and to accomplish my many dreams and goals as an artist. I’m thankful to all of those who helped me get started, helped me ready the studio, and to each and every client who has worked with me. Thank you!

And thank you, universe, for shoving me in this direction. xo -SC

PS: Tell me in the comments below: Have you ever had a huge sign of where to go next, or just to GO FOR IT? I’d love to hear your story!

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