B is for Beauty – Concord NH Boudoir Photographer

I shared a few of B’s images in a previous post, but now that she’s seen the rest at her in-person reveal, I’m beyond excited to share more! 



B wore two beautiful corsets, with the addition of a mask in the second outfit. Her entire session was inspiring. The more she warmed up, the more her bright and fun personality showed!


“I’m not going to be able to stop smiling all day! Thank you so much!!” -B, after her in-person reveal



“If you’re even vaguely considering doing a boudoir photo shoot, I highly recommend you have Sarah shoot it for you. I was kind of hesitant at first since, like any other female in this day and age, I have insecurities. But all of my hesitation and awkwardness melted away the moment I walked into Sarah’s studio. She made me excited to begin as soon as she started describing what we were doing for the shoot. She took a couple head shot style photos to get me acclimated and we were off with a bang from there! She made me feel SO comfortable and beautiful! She kept saying encouraging words and made me laugh to help loosen me up (many times I had to take a deep breath in order to stop smiling for some shots). Once the shoot was done, for days afterward I felt so empowered and confident! She shared with me some preview shots as she edited them and I kept them saved on my phone to remind myself that I am beautiful and no one should make me feel otherwise. I’m so unbelievably grateful to Sarah for giving me this opportunity and showing me how I truly am; and seeing those prints in person – OH MY GOSH! I couldn’t stop smiling and I was so happy and astonished at them that I started welling up. Even Sarah started to well up and told me not to start crying because she would, too. I’ve been on cloud 9 since the shoot and now I’m on cloud 10 after seeing the prints in person. Thank you, Sarah, you’re even more beautiful than your art – inside and out.” – B

I had a fantastic time working with her, and I’m so grateful for her result!

xo SC

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