Do I have to wear underwear? – Concord NH Boudoir Photographer

“Do I have to wear underwear?”

When we think of boudoir, we think fancy lingerie. This tends to be the case with most sessions. A bra and panties, a corset, a robe – any bedroom wear that adds the feeling of sexy.

But what happens when someone wants to experience the feeling of empowerment that comes with a session, but they aren’t 100% comfortable in their undies?

Sexy is a FEELING.

Can we bring out that sultry look without lingerie? Yes. Here are some examples.

Example Pose 1:


Alternative Clothing Option:

Why it still works:

The pose itself is what makes the image sultry. The position of her legs, the point of her toes, her beckoning eyes, and the shoulder slipping out of the top. This look and feeling can still be achieved with a cami tank top instead of a bra.

Example Pose 2:


Alternative Clothing Option:


Why it still works:

The pecnil skirt and off-the-shoulder top still accentuate the beautiful womanly figure and curves. Through the glass, with the right expression, the image would still look and feel sexy and sultry.

Example pose 3:


Alternative clothing option:

See that beautiful, vintage nightgown and robe all the way to the right? It would be perfect! And guess what- it’s sititng in my studio right now.


Why it still works:

The long, soft nightgown and sheer robe adds a touch of vintage glam to the overall look. The robe can still fall off the shoulder, but the chic nightgown covers the body fully. It still works because of the shape given by the pose, as well as the intriguing beauty that comes with the robe itself.

See what I mean?

These are just a few examples of what’s possible. If you’re comepletely, 100% uncomfortable being photographed in lingerie, I hope you know we can still work together to help you feel empowered, beautiful, and sexy.

xo SC

PS: Does this sound like something you’d love? Contact me today and we’ll start designing your sultry session.


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