Concord NH Boudoir – Fall Style – ideas for sessions

Fall is right around the corner, technically, but if you’re like me you get into the spirit of fall on September 1st. I’ve read the phonebook-sized vogue, reorganized layers for my fall wardrobe, and made a list of my favorite breezy-day dinners. (Yay, slow cooked meals!)

Close your eyes and think of what fall is for you. Do you see the bright, warm colors? Do you feel cozy in your sweater in the fall breeze? Do you smell the pumpkin spice? To bring in the warm comfort of fall to the sessions, I want to share a couple of ideas with you!

The first is simple, but cozy and still sexy. Start with a sweater and long socks, and have your undergarments on underneath! This embodies the coziness of the season, while still helping you look and feel sexy. It will really highlight your shoulders and legs!


The sweater can be open or closed, but I recommend one that’s a little big and goes past your hip line. Stick with neutral colors, and bring in the texture with lace underneath!

The second idea is to have a robe on over a full-body lingerie piece.


Bring about that vintage glam, and picture warming up on a chilly day near the fireplace. Both the robe and the full body pieces will highlight your legs!

Are you just as excited for fall as I am? It’s my absolute favorite time of year. I hope these two ideas help inspire you for your upcoming session! Haven’t scheduled your experience yet? Click Here to contact me!
xo SC

PS: For more boudoir style ideas, join the VIP list and download my Sultry Style Guide! 


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