Beyond the Session – Keep the Passion Burning

I love hearing clients reactions to their experience, but lately I’ve heard stories that go beyond the session itself. Residual feelings have crossed into other areas of their life, and I have been honored to be a part of that.

Today, I want to share a bit of K’s story.

K and N were the first couple I worked with this intimately. Seeing their love and passion for one another, and being able to capture it was a beautiful experience for me.

K had described their experience as being romantic, and stated that the connection between them afterwards was like “no other” in their 12 year relationship.


Beyond the session:

“For me, I felt validation for my Natural self. With selfies, filters, angles, etc we try to look/be a “prettier” version of ourselves. You validated my natural beauty is enough. I am enough. You captured the real and raw Katie. The flaws I try to hide, the angles I avoid.. but in that album, every time I look at it.. I love those parts of me a little more.

As a couple, it exposed something that may have gotten a bit dusty after our two kids… OUR PASSION. The album revived what we already had, and a reminder to ALWAYS keep it burning. It’s on record, for generations to come, what our love is. If I need lift in the middle of an ordinary day, I peak through our pictures, and it centers me. I had no Idea a simple photoshoot would mean so much.”

I adore that this session was able to revive that beautiful love and passion they have for one another. Thank you, K, for sharing this with us!

xo SC

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