“I don’t know how to be sexy”

This is something I hear all too often for sessions, and something I love to disprove. Women generally come in a little nervous, not knowing what to expect for their session. As we get started and push play on the music, I sometimes hear those words.

“I don’t know how to be sexy”

It can be hard, especially for mothers, to see themselves as sexy. As women, there’s pressure to live up to a certain expectation of society. We’re told to be flawless, but not too flawless. Sexy, but not too sexy- especially if we’re mothers! *gasp*



This can definitely lead to some confusion and lack of confidence. Let me tell you, the first step is to tune out all of that outside noise, and tune in to your inner feminine. Check in with your body and your thoughts. Which thoughts are holding you back? Where in your body do you feel great?

As I move women gently through poses, I often show them one image on the back of the camera. Eyes widen, jaws drop, and I say, “That’s all you, girl.” From there, women usually open up more and begin to feel sexier. Today, I want you to know that you don’t have to be in front of the camera to feel this way.



If you’ve ever felt this way, I challenge you to figure out where that doubt comes from, and tune in to yourself today. Put on something you feel fabulous in, play some fantastic music, and just feel your body sway. You are beautiful. You are sexy. Just be, and you will be both of them.

xo SC

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