Before and After – Photoshop Discussion

This was inspired by the Try guys and their video about photoshop. The media rarely depicts women (and men) in their true form, and it is a problem that trickles its way down to non-fashion photographers, too.

Today, I wanted to show a couple before and afters, to show how little I change things in photoshop. I may remove a temporary blemish, dry skin, marks from clothes, and bruises, but I do not liquify and contort women’s bodies, even though I am sometimes asked if I will.

It’s not for lack of skill. I am not here to change women or feed into the media standards. I’m not here to tell women what their “flaws” are. I’m here to help women love who they see in the mirror, and celebrate who they are.


For me, photoshop is a tool. I change lighting, contrast, color, much like one would in a dark room with film. With photoshop, I am able to express myself artistically and create my own style of finish.


When you see women on my page, they’re real. They all have different body types. When you see a magazine with the “ideal,” it isn’t real. It’s not what those women look like in real life.

I’m here to help you celebrate and love who you are, in your body, right now. xo


PS: CONTACT me today to schedule your experience!


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