New Hampshire Boudoir – Stand Tall

“Just be yourself and everything will fall in line, the way it’s supposed to be.” – Joan Jett

Empowering women and building confidence is what made me fall in love with boudoir from the start. Seeing women transition from nerves to excitement throughout our time together, and receiving hugs when I deliver albums has been such a positive, powerful feeling in my business.

When I met A, she was a little nervous at first, as most of the women are! We took a couple of deep breaths together and started the session. It wasn’t long before she began removing layers and opening up more. Watching her transition and working with her while rocking out to music was so much fun!


“I cannot say enough about my whole experience with Sarah Chase Boudoir. From the day I emailed to inquire about an appointment, the days leading up to my photo shoot, the entire photo shoot, and even afterwards, Sarah consistently communicated with me to make sure every question I had about the experience was answered and I knew what to expect. The photo shoot itself was inspiring, fun, professional, and empowering. I didn’t want the session to end! Afterward, I was on cloud nine and carried myself a little taller and prouder. I definitely plan on going back to Sarah, and I recommend her to absolutely everyone. It’s one of the best things you can do to celebrate yourself and the beauty of your body.” -A


I love hearing feedback from clients! Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to hear how this session changed their lives beyond our time together. I hear more and more often that clients had better posture, more confidence, and stood taller after the session.

xo SC

PS: CONTACT ME to schedule your August experience.

PPS: CLICK HERE to get your Sultry Style Guide!


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