NH Boudoir Photography – Strength is Beautiful

“I don’t want to look like a folding chair”

That’s what I heard just before this boudoir session started. She wanted to appear graceful, and not stiff. I told her that I would help her through posing, and we could strive for that goal together.

We started with the seated poses, as I usually do, to warm her up to the session. She looked stunning in her outfit and leggings. We went through the starting poses, and then without prompting, this happened:


I nearly fell over in awe as I captured something so beautiful and graceful. “OMG” I called out, and checked the back of my camera. “Can you do that again?” From there, the grace and poise spilled out of her, without much direction. I wasn’t sure what she was worried about, honestly.



It’s absolutely possible to be strong and beautiful. To be muscular and graceful. T proved that for us, here. There is no one kind of beauty!

xo SC

PS: Ready to schedule your experience and celebrate you? Contact me.


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