NH Boudoir – Love

True love is eternal.


Friendship and communication are important for keeping a marriage happy, but so is passion and desire.


When I was approached by this couple for a session together, I imagined telling a story through the images and capturing their love and passion. I loved planning the outfits and locations, and looked forward to taking couples pictures a step further.  I had worked with couples in the past, but not with the intimate intention.


These two were fabulous together. Once they warmed up, they hardly needed direction! Genuine passion is what I witnessed and was able to capture.

“I think initially most people would be nervous and apprehensive but have a secret desire to do this.. that was totally us. I actually Messaged Sarah the day before very nervous about how this would all happen and worried my husband wouldn’t connect in front of the camera. She reassured me that although she would guide us, most of the session would be her catching our Spark. She was right. With gentle guidance, our session was essentially a romantic walk through the woods kissing and touching. We laughed, we snuggled, we kissed some more. It was easy, sensual, and so refreshing. It was a glimpse of the passion we had before children, bills and responsibilities. It was a raw, effortless experience. The pictures captured were real. They weren’t raunchy, they didn’t look forced, it was us. The connection after the experience? Like no other. In our 12 years together this was one of my favorite things we’ve done together, and the pictures have savored this forever. Sarah is a humble, personable, artistic genius. ” -K&N


xo SC

PS: I look forward to working with more couples in the future. Looking to capture your love? Contact me today for availability!

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