NH Boudoir – How do these intimate sessions work?

The unknown can be a little scary, so when women see portraits of others and question if they could do the same, it’s no wonder they’re worried about how a boudoir session might go. I hear you! I understand the need to be prepared with knowledge of what to expect, before getting in front of the camera.

Your comfort is #1

I will never ask you to do something you’re uncomfortable with. We’ll start with something covering your underwear, such as a slip, robe, or shawl. If and when that comes off is up to you! Some women take it a step further and go completely topless, but it is not a mandatory step. Your comfort is what’s important, we’re at the session for you!


I’m here to help

None of us are models. Okay, some may be- and it’s great to have that experience! But, for the rest of us, I’m here to guide you through poses. You won’t be expected to strike poses on your own, but if you get into a groove and I go silent during the session, it means I’m letting you do your thing! 


We’ll try to keep it light and fun

I very much encourage bringing music that you love. If you feel like dancing to it a little, go ahead and dance! I may dance a bit, too. We can joke and giggle, as we often do during sessions. Also, if I trip or back up into something, feel free to laugh at me. No, really! I get fantastic images of smiles with laughter.


Does that ease any questions you may have about how a boudoir session works? If I’ve missed anything, leave a comment below or contact me, and I’d be happy to help!

xo SC

PS: Struggling with self love lately? Boudoir is a big step in the self love category. For help on your journey, check out this group for women.

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