Ideas for Date Night – New Hampshire

Date nights are an excellent way to keep the spark going in a relationship. For us, we connect the most doing new and interesting things together. Here are a few ideas for you and your partner to try on your next Date Night!

  1. Wine Tasting – Check out one of the many, local wineries we have here in the Granite State. It’s a great date for dressing up.
  2. Take a Hike – We’re in the White Mountains, afterall! Enjoy the fresh air and spectacular views from the top, and bring a picnic to enjoy together.
  3. See a Play or Show – Take a look at the event page for the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord, or look at the calendar for the Verizon Center in Manchester.
  4. See the Stars – Find an open park at night, or lay in your own yard. Bring wine, and watch the stars. You can even look to see when we’re expecting meteor showers, for a more spectacular view!
  5. Book a Couples Session – Ok, ok, I had to slide it in there, right? But, by this time next week I’ll have samples of what couples sessions will look like for boudoir. Talk about connection! This date will encourage and capture the love you have for one another. If you want to know more about this process, contact me.


There you have it! 5 awesome things to do on date night. What is your favorite thing to do on a date?

xo SC

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