3 ways to practice self love

From childhood, women are often taught that boys are mean when they like us, and girls compete with other girls. We’re also shown images of “perfect” (photoshopped) women in the media. These can send mixed signals, and teach us that we’re not enough. It’s no wonder that so many women, including myself, can struggle with self love.

Think of self love as a practice, like yoga or meditation. Every day your skills grow as you practice more and more. To get you started, here are 3 easy ways to practice self love.

1. Take a bath 

Not just any bath, look up some recipes for an incredible bath. For example, epsom salts can help to draw out toxins along with lemon and ginger, and oatmeal helps your skin. Fill your bath with decadent ingredients to show yourself some self care and love. While you’re in the bath, play some soothing music and/ or read a book, or close your eyes and enjoy some peace and quiet. Afterwards, don’t forget to moisturize and drink some water. Make this a weekly tradition, you deserve it!

2. Affirmations  

When you repeat words over and over in your head, it begins to be your truth. Take, for example, “I really don’t like my stomach.” Negative self talk spirals so quickly into even more serious conditions and feelings. Let’s work to change how you talk to yourself.

Try one of these, or make your own!

  • “I am worthy of my own love and care”
  • “I joyously attract opportunities for self love”
  •  “I am grateful for my body”

Say yours daily, even more than once a day. It helps to say it in the mirror, with a smile, too. You can journal about how it makes you feel the first time you say it, and again after a few more days. Do you notice a change?

3.Take a selfie, daily.

Ah! I know, I know. You don’t have to post them. I challenge you to take a self portrait every day, and after a week or two of intentional self love and affirmations, look back through the pictures. Do you notice anything changing? How about what you feel when you take the picture?


I hope these 3 things can help you on your path to self love.

xo SC

PS: If you’d LOVE to be part of a community that discusses self love and empowerment {for women} CLICK HERE.


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