Monday Mantra – Joy

I  E A S I L Y   F I N D   J O Y

Mondays aren’t the most popular day of the week, to say the least. Many of us drag ourselves back to work or school, or kiss our spouses farewell as they head to work and you’re home with the kids.

I get it.

But Mondays don’t have to be all bad. Let’s combat that heavy, dreading feeling with some mantras. Each Monday, I’ll post a new one with a graphic you can save and use to remind yourself. Find time today, and maybe every day this week to repeat this mantra, especially during times of stress.

Today, find joy, easily. It’s simple. Feeling joyous- no? Look around you, right now, and find one thing. That delicious coffee? The beautiful bird outside your window? Your kids slept an extra 20 minutes? Whatever it is, find gratitude and smile for that, and look for little things like it throughout your day. Hopefully, we can put a smile on your face this Monday.


PS: Like the graphic? Go ahead and download it. Make it your phone wall paper for the week, or print it out and hang it on your mirror! xo


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