Little ways to feel sexy, daily.

Self love is important. Giving ourselves time and energy is something that should be prioritized in our daily lives.

Feeling great for photography sessions and for moments with partners is wonderful, of course, but what about feeling sexy on any average day? As adults, especially as parents, we tend to get caught up in routine, and don’t always take time for ourselves to feel self love, let alone sexy.

It’s hard to feel sexy at the grocery store, or while our hair falls out of a messy bun while we run around as mothers. I hear you! But there are little things we can do every day to feel a little bit sexier, for nobody other than ourselves.


Put on some lace

Really, even if your only plans are to run errands, or you have a long work day with no hopes of afternoon delight, throw on a lace bra-let or a pair of boy shorts. This lace isn’t for the eyes of your partner, its for you. You’ll know, all day, that you have beautiful, flattering lace on that nobody else can see.

Wear your favorite outfit

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion in order for you to dress up. Go ahead, wear that beautiful dress to the grocery store. Why not? This goes for that bold lip shade you may love, or wearing your hair down, too.
Compliment yourself

Look in the mirror, and instead of picking apart things you don’t like, tell yourself what you love. Give it a try! Tell yourself three things that you love in your reflection. Do this daily, multiple times a day for an extra boost. This one may be harder for some, it was for me for a long time, but really stick with it. You’ll notice the mind beginning to shift each time you see yourself.


What are some other things you do to feel sexy? Leave a comment below
xo SC

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