NH Boudoir | What to Wear

One of the top questions I’m asked about with a boudoir session is what to wear. Not to worry, I’ll help you with recommendations and final selections tailored to your style, but I wanted to have this resource available for you, too!  Here are my top tips for selecting boudoir outfits.

1. Neutral colors

Bright colors can leave a cast on the skin, and they distract from the subject- you! Black, white, grey, tan, and even navy blue are the perfect colors to look for.


2. Simplicity 

We’ll work in layers, starting with a sweater, drape, dress, loose tee shirt, or nightgown. As you grow comfortable during your session, the outer shell can be removed. I tend to recommend simple, lace under garments.




3. Texture

Lace photographs beautifully against the skin, as do crocheted pieces. When picking out what to wear, look for at least one piece with a little texture to add contrast against your smooth skin.


4. Personal Style

If you’re a dancer, add in leggings and/ or your dance shoes. If you love pearls, we can play with those, too! We’ll work together prior to your session to come up with an outfit that speaks to your personal style!




There you have it, my 4 most used tips for selecting what to wear for your boudoir session. Did you have any other questions about this? Leave a comment below and I’d be happy to answer it for you!

xo SC


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