NH Boudoir – What’s Already There – SCB

For some reason, many of us can be our own worst critics. Instead of seeing our beauty, strength, and incredible qualities, we pick ourselves apart by focusing on our “flaws.”

Being able to show women who they are now, in this moment, is what I love about intimate portraits. Through these sessions, they are able to see what they already possess, but may not be able to see daily in the mirror. Hopefully these sessions shift their perspectives, even long after they work with me.


“I have always had a problem with self esteem. I have always tried to hide in plain sight. I decided to get these portraits done hoping to boost my self image.
The result was way more than I could ever have imagined!!! It was so much more than just coming to terms with my physical appearance… It was an epiphany!
The whole process made me feel Free! Powerful! Sexy! Confident! …and *Beautiful!!

They say a butterfly can’t see it’s own wings.
…thank you for showing me mine!!♥” -A


xo SC

PS: I would love to show you your wings. Contact me, and we’ll start designing your boudoir experience.

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