NH Boudoir – A Surprising Result – SCB

Many women sign up for intimate portraits with the idea of giving the album to their partner as a gift. What many have come to realize, is it’s just as much for themselves.


“I thought doing this boudoir shoot was going to be a lovely present for my husband. I have been wanting to do one for him for years, but always “when I was thinner, more toned.” When Sarah made the announcement that she was doing boudoir, I thought “this is a woman who can make me feel comfortable and beautiful now, as I am.” What I didn’t realize was how Sarah and her process should make me feel. I am the heaviest I have ever been (pregnancies excluded) and I have never felt more beautiful, more confident, or more empowered than after working with Sarah. I thought that this would be about a result, a gift that I knew my husband would adore. It was so much more. It was a healing process, a way to learn to love my body, and myself. My pictures are gorgeous and I love them. But more importantly, I can truly say I love me.” -K


I have been honored to help women feel empowered and beautiful, by showing them what they already possess. I look forward to continuing this process with many more women to come! xo SC

PS: June is fully booked, and I am currently scheduling for July. Contact me today to schedule your experience with SCB.

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